The New Mazda MX-30 is Here

The New Mazda MX-30 is Here!!

Mazda’s attractive new all-electric vehicle the MX-30 has arrived in Malta, with exceptional driving dynamics, a generous sense of interior space, and a range that efficiently adapts to your daily desire to move – in style. Undoubtedly, the unveiling of this new exciting car model is a mark of how widespread the car industry’s adoption of EV technology has become, and how quickly it is expanding. 

The new arrival of the Japanese brand is a compact crossover and one can easily spot DNA traces of old-school Mazda sports car in the latest electric car. The MX-30 borrows elements of the CX-30 – particularly the chunky wheel arch cladding – but the overall design is sleeker and lower, in part to improve aerodynamic efficiency. In the creation of this novel car, Mazda opted for a fashionable modern SUV body to suit the urban environment in which this car is most likely to be driven; but they’ve also used clever references to other memorable compact Mazda’s of recent times – from the famous MX-5 roadster to the 1990s-era MX-3 coupé – to give the MX-30 some recognisable family gene and a few simple lines sketch out its shape without unnecessary embellishment.

Its most distinctive features, in fact, are the boxy wheel arches and radical handle-less read-hinged back doors, which blend in to give the MX-30 that ever-so-popular coupe-like silhouette. The sleek coupe-like rear end is made possible by “freestyle” doors, similar to those found in the brand’s old RX-8 sports car.

A break in Mazda’s interior design philosophy

Squared-off and edgy where this brand’s SUVs are normally curvy and organic, the MX-30 interior feels like a break in Mazda’s design philosophy. The MX-30’s cabin is simply lovely. There has clearly been a lot of thought in making sure the interior fits the ethos Mazda has gone for with its first EV. Textiles used are leatherette and cloth for the upholstery – the latter available with up to 20 per cent recycled fibres – and there are sections of panelling that use-recycled materials such as plastic bottles to create a felted feeling on the doors for example. 

A technology that guarantees safety and reliability

With the launch of this new car model, the MX-30 debuts a range of new design elements for Mazda, including a very cool cascading centre console incorporating a dedicated climate-control touchscreen. There are still physical buttons for all key controls but there is a higher-tech factor at play inside the MX-30.
Mazda’s relatively new software package is mature and intuitive, and thanks to the physical dial, easy and safe to manipulate on a bumpy road. The technology in the all-new MX-30 is not only focused on driving pleasure, but also on delivering a very high level of safety and reliability, with active, passive and battery safety measures expertly integrated for a joyful driving experience. The MX-30 is the first Mazda to achieve an overall five-star rating under the new, more stringent 2020 Euro NCAP crashworthiness ratings.

Focusing on excellent driving dynamics 

It’s interestingly to note that the MX-30 takes a different approach to most electric cars, as it focuses on lighter weight, which means a smaller battery, and so a shorter driving range – but a better driving experience. Certainly, the MX-30 is a hoot to drive. When it comes to charge the vehicle, the MX-30 has a right-sized 35.5kWh battery that offers excellent driving dynamics whilst reducing the impact on the environment. Charging at home and on the go is easy and fast, meaning that you are always ready to enjoy the drive. Mazda’s EV offers up to 200KM on a single charge thanks to a 35.5kWh lithium-ion battery capable of charging from 0-80 per cent in just 40 minutes.

Last December, the new full electric SUV model has been named Favourite Electric Car in the 2021 Awards. Since than, it has been praised for its sustainable design and affordable starting price. Moreover, it’s comfortable, stylish from the front, has a feature-packed interior, drives nicely and is unquestionably one of the best yet inexpensive EVs on the market. Get in touch with GasanZammit or else visit their showroom in Mrieħel, to book a test drive.

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