The Gasan Group

Our Mission. Our Values.


To manage and enhance our diverse portfolio for the benefit of all stakeholders by adopting a responsible and socially conscious approach.

One of Malta’s leading, privately owned group of companies, the Gasan Group is an icon of business excellence with a solid track-record of successful ventures in multiple economic sectors.

We pride ourselves in consistently delivering a positive contribution to the Maltese islands on an economic and social level. As a key player in the business community, we know that our success is measured by the relationships that we nurture with all the stakeholders that make us what we are today.

Our Values

Why we do it

Central to our very core are the values that we consider to be the fundamental principles that keep us doing what we do. We believe that these four ‘D’s are a common thread that apply not only to our commercial success but to the innate beliefs that make us what we are as a company, as people, as a family, as partners and as a group that wants to leave a positive mark on everything that it does.


A purpose-driven organisation, keen on finding smarter ways of doing business, learning what to retain and what to improve upon.


A principle that we feel is critical to the way we transact, signalling the right level of alertness, dedication and continuous effort to accomplish the task at hand.


In our choice of economic sectors, partners, in our collaborations and in our employment attitude. Diversity is what we are about and is the start of any success worth achieving.


We believe that trustworthiness is a requisite for longevity and continued success. This transpires across the relationships we have built across generations of partners, employees and customers alike.

The group still remains a family business, fully owned by the Gasan family. Over the last twelve years the group has consolidated, integrating corporate norms with the appointment of the Gasan group board of directors including two independent (non-family) non-executive directors from diverse and illustrious backgrounds. The future of the group remains an exciting and diverse one deeply rooted in the values and vision that steer its course.