Core Operations

Insurance and Financial Services

GasanMamo Insurance

GasanMamo Insurance Ltd is a household name for insurance in Malta, enjoying a reputation that is second to none. This strong brand by all accounts is one that has been earned through a long and proud history spanning well over half a century.

GasanMamo Insurance was formed in 1999 and is the result of a merger between Gasan Insurance Agency and Galdes & Mamo Limited. Both companies saw that there was great potential for the merged entity as a result of enhanced critical mass and the synergies present. This foresight has been handsomely rewarded. During 2003 the Company was transformed from an agency operation into an insurance company and a license to underwrite general insurance business was granted by the Malta Financial Services Authority effective as of 1st January that year. Since that time, GasanMamo Insurance has gone from strength to strength, enhancing its capital base, its top line and its bottom line year on year. GasanMamo Insurance is arguably Malta’s most successful insurance company. Through continued investment in people and systems GasanMamo Insurance takes on the challenges of tomorrow with confidence and optimism whilst fulfilling its mission ‘To be a prime operator in Malta’s financial services sector while achieving sustainable growth for all stakeholders and simultaneously maintaining the highest professional standards.’

GasanMamo actively supports various entities in the sphere of national heritage, culture, sport, as well as initiatives of a social nature that benefit those in need.

Gasan Finance p.l.c.

The financial arm of the Gasan Group is Gasan Finance p.l.c. Its principal business is to raise financial resources from capital markets to finance the operations and capital projects of the Group. It also owns property, amongst which Gasan Centre, which it leases out. In 1992, Gasan Finance p.l.c. was the first private company to successfully accomplish the subscription of a bond issue on the Malta Stock exchange. Gasan Finance p.l.c. bonds remain until today attractive retail and institutional investments widely sought after by a wide base of loyal investors as an instrument that is symbolic of consistency, solidity and reliable return.